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Greenview Energy Unlocks Value With Renewable Investment Platform

Slater Family Holdings backs Greenview Energy through its new Energy Infrastructure Division

Palm Beach, FL — July 17, 2023. Greenview Energy (GVE), a private investment company that finances, develops, and maintains ownership of renewable infrastructure assets, launches an innovative platform focused on producing clean power and sustainable fuels. Primary investor Slater Family Holdings is backing the initiative through its new energy infrastructure group to decarbonize all areas of our economy. Spanning over three generations and almost a century, the Slater Family's business ventures cross multiple industries and continents.

With nearly a decade of success advancing renewable energy infrastructure, GVE’s leadership has developed 4 GWs of solar, wind, energy storage, and renewable fuel projects for leading power producers. Today, GVE invests in and develops a diverse portfolio of projects spanning renewable power generation, energy storage, and renewable fuels.

GVE invests in projects at various stages of development, from originating greenfield projects to co-development opportunities with partners; GVE has the expertise and financial backing to advance projects through commercial operation.

“GVE brings unique expertise across multiple technologies enabling our investments to accelerate a path to a cleaner future,” says GVE founder and CEO Casey Moye. “Our innovative approach to developing sustainable infrastructure allows GVE to deliver superior value for our investor, developer, and landowner partners.”

Slater Family Holdings, a real estate-based entity, also participates in direct investments, private placements, and venture capital positions across healthcare, technology, infrastructure, sports & entertainment, and consumer sectors spanning the Americas, Africa, Asia, and Europe. In launching its energy infrastructure division, the family office elevates its commitment to prioritizing returns as well as decarbonizing the economy.

“Slater Family Holdings’ new energy infrastructure division is aligned with our long-term view of investing in clean technology. This new partnership with principal Casey Moye shall allow us to pair meaningful capital with expertise maximizing our contribution to a sustainable future,” says Kenneth Slater, chairman of Slater Family Holdings. “The family office is driven by long-term partnerships that yield value as well as societal benefits over decades of collaboration.”

GVE and Slater Family Holdings share a commitment to supporting local communities and landowners. Their combined vision is to maximize sustainability and prosperity for all parties involved. For more information, visit Greenview Energy and Slater Family Holdings.

About Greenview Energy

Greenview Energy (GVE) is a private investment company accelerating a clean energy future through renewable infrastructure projects. By investing in a diverse portfolio of decarbonization initiatives and sustainable energy solutions, GVE creates value for investors while maximizing the impact of a clean energy economy. Backed by a decade of experience successfully developing 4 GWs of renewable energy projects, GVE and its principals have delivered solar, wind, energy storage, and renewable fuel projects for leading power producers across the country.

Media contact:

Fabienne Rodet

About Slater Family Holdings

Formed in the 1930s, Slater Family Holdings began with early investments in both sugar commodities on New York Futures Exchanges and multi-family residential buildings in the Boston real estate market. The Slater Family’s business objectives and endeavors have evolved, adapted, and grown, spanning eleven states domestically and multiple international locations. Today, Slater Family Holdings is an umbrella entity that houses three distinct investment arms: Real Estate Properties, Financial Investments, and Private Equity.


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